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How Accurate are Online Car Crash Settlement Calculators?

calculator icon graphicThere are all kinds of calculators on the Internet that provide a variety of figures, such as monthly payments on a loan or the cost of refinancing a mortgage. There are even calculators estimating the value of a personal injury claim.

However, a calculator is only as accurate as the information put into it. It is very difficult for a calculator to account for the unique factors involved in your accident.

Below, learn more about why these calculators can never provide a truly accurate estimate of the value of your car crash claim and why you should discuss this issue with a licensed attorney. The insurance company is unlikely to provide an accurate estimate of your damages either.

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Problems with Online Settlement Calculators

Two people can be diagnosed with the same injury but respond differently to treatment. Some people may respond more quickly than others. Your injury may be slightly more or less severe than someone else’s. Genetic factors, preexisting medical conditions, your body type and other factors could impact your recovery.

However, there is really no way for an online settlement calculator to account for all these factors when calculating the value of your settlement. There is no way for a calculator to estimate the value of future medical bills you may incur.

It is also difficult for a calculator to estimate the value of your physical pain and suffering and the impact of your injury on your career and future earning potential.

There is no standard as to how car accident settlement calculators work. They ask for different types of information and may have different ways of calculating your claim’s value. That means estimates from different calculators could be all over the place.

At the end of the day, the figure spit out by an online calculator is just an estimate. These figures carry no authority.

However, if you hire an experienced attorney with a track record of results, he or she should know how to carefully review a claim to determine its full value. He or she has done it many times before and been successful.

While online resources can be helpful in many different situations, they all have their limitations. The calculator can only analyze the information put into it, and there is no way to input all the information necessary to accurately estimate a claim’s value.

Negotiation is not an exact science. An experienced attorney should be prepared for the back and forth discussions that occur when negotiating with an insurance company.

It is also important to remember that cases that make it to court are decided by juries. Juries may award significantly more compensation than insurance companies will. Online settlement calculators cannot take this into account. If the at-fault party’s actions were outrageously bad, a jury may award more compensation than it otherwise would.

While you can certainly look at a settlement calculator, you should not make decisions about what to do next based on the numbers from online calculators. You could be selling yourself short, and once you agree to a settlement, you lose the right to seek more compensation.

If you use the Internet after a car crash, you should use it to look up a local Harrisburg-based auto accident attorney. Look at case results on the attorney’s website, along with reviews from past clients. Find out how long the law firm has been in business. What does the website say about fees?

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