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AAA Says Thanksgiving Week Is Deadliest For Car Accidents – How Can You Stay Safe?

Did you know that Thanksgiving week is actually the deadliest week of the year for car accidents?  This is not only the case in places throughout Pennsylvania like Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Carlise, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Scranton but also through the United States.

As you prepare to hit the road for the Thanksgiving holiday, remember to use caution. According to the AAA, the Thanksgiving week is the deadliest. With a combination of factors–including the fact that 90% of travelers will use there cars to visit people–the likelihood of car accidents in Central Pennsylvania.

There are also some other reasons why car accidents are more common during this week. First, many drivers will be driving in unfamiliar territory, and sometimes late at night when roadways are dark and drivers are drowsy from their long trips. Second, there is more drinking during the holiday than normal.

Here are some tips which can help you avoid a car accident during the holiday:

  • If drinking alcohol is part of your holiday activities, plan ahead to designate a non-drinking driver. If a designated driver is not available, do not drive. Other means of transportation, such as taxis and public transportation, should be used.
  • Make sure all children in your vehicle are placed in age-appropriate car seats and all adults are buckled up.
  • Put away the cell phones and electronic equipment while driving to avoid distractions.
  • Get plenty of sleep before driving, and schedule frequent stops along the way so you are not drowsy.

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