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5 Mistakes to Avoid After a York Car Crash

A York car accident is a stressful event for any driver. In order to reduce the stress associated with a car crash, you can create an accident preparation kit and know what steps to take after a car accident. You should also be aware of five major mistakes to avoid in the aftermath of a crash.

  • Leaving the Scene of the Accident – You should never leave the scene of an accident that caused injury to another person or damage to another vehicle or property. Penalties for leaving the scene of an accident can be severe and can range from fines to jail time.
  • Losing Your Temper With the Other Driver – After a car accident, you may be very frustrated and angry with the other driver. Take a deep breath and calm down before you begin to cope with the crash. You will be more able to effectively deal with the aftermath of the accident and protect your interests if you are calm.
  • Stating That You Are Not Injured – When you report the car accident, you should not tell anyone including the investigating police officer that you are uninjured. Adrenaline may be flowing and you may not feel the effects of the crash for several hours or until the next day. You should go and see your doctor promptly if you think you have sustained an injury from the crash.
  • Admitting Responsibility For the Accident – You should not tell anyone—the other driver, police, or insurance company—that the accident was your fault. Even if you think you are to blame, avoid admitting fault since there may be other mitigating circumstances that you do not know about.
  • Lying to the Police or Insurance Company – You should never lie about the accident to the police or insurance company. There are severe penalties for lying to the police or trying to defraud an insurance company. Answer all of their questions factually without admitting responsibility for the accident.

A York car accident can wreak havoc on your life due to medical problems, expensive medical bills, costly vehicle repairs, missed work, or attempts by insurance companies to force you into a quick monetary settlement.  If you have been involved in an accident and need expert legal advice, please contact a Harrisburg car accident attorney at the Pennsylvania law office of Schmidt Kramer Injury Lawyers. Call toll free at (717) 888-8888 for a free consultation.

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