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Mike Kosik did a wonderful job in handling my case. He was very thorough in explaining all the matters regarding my lawsuit.

Auto accident client of Mike Kosik from Mechanicsburg, PA

Mr. Scott Cooper is very knowledgeable and professional, which made my case a very easy process to handle. My questions and concerns were always answered in a timely manner and with great insight. I highly recommend Mr. Cooper for all auto accident cases.

Nathan W., Auto Accident client of Scott Cooper

It was a pleasure to work with such dedicated, professional attorneys and staff. Keep up the great work! You helped to make an uncomfortable situation tolerable. Scott Cooper was easy to work with and always responded quickly. Thank you!

Tina P., Auto Accident client of Scott Cooper from Fort Myers, FL

The incident, the rear-ending and totaling of my car on Route 15 southbound, occurred in the early evening of Election Day 2016. I had to be removed from my car and was taken to the Trauma Center at the Hershey Medical Center. My injuries resulted in a broken back, in two places, and other internal injuries. I was in no condition, nor did I know how, to proceed with the legal procedure that was required to protect my physical and financial interests. If it hadn’t been for Schmidt Kramer, I would not have been able to protect myself from legal procedures that may have been initiated by the individual who struck my vehicle, pay the extraordinary medical bills, purchase another car to replace mine, which was totaled, or any other costs or liabilities related to the accident. However, thanks to the highly professional care and protection that I received from Schmidt Kramer, though suffering a good deal of pain and interruption in my daily life for several months, I was able to pay the monumental hospital medical and related bills that resulted from the accident, my injuries, the loss of time from my business. I shall be forever grateful to Schmidt-Kramer for the excellent service, and minimal legal inconvenience, that I experienced.

Joe B., Auto Accident Client of Gerry Kramer

[Everyone on] the staff, especially Scott Cooper, are excellent in their communication and [also the] manner he was able to make sure my insurance company took care of my hospital bill. The only issue is not having the opportunity to participate in the final settlement from either the insurance company or the trucking company, but all the same satisfied with the outcome.

Auto accident client of Scott Cooper from Harrisburg, PA

We were very satisfied with everything that Mr. Kramer and his staff did. Thank you for everything. It was so good to have a firm that did everything they could to help us through a very long journey. Keep up the great work!

Auto client of Gerry Kramer

Many, many thanks for all that you did!

Auto client of Chuck Schmidt

Thank you for the excellent work. I am happy with the work you performed. It was easy and less stressful. It was great dealing with your firm. Awesome job guys. God bless you.

Auto Accident client of Daryl E. Christopher in Gettysburg, PA

Mr. Kramer did a very good job. And I was very satisfied with the way I was treated by your attorneys and staff. You have a great law firm. Thank you for your help.

Auto Accident client of Gerry Kramer

Everything was handled to make the whole process easy for me. Scot was very, very kind, and I really appreciate his help and also the whole firm.

Auto Accident client of Scott B. Cooper

I referred a friend of mine to Schmidt Kramer. Even with all that has gone on with coronavirus shutting down everything, things are still moving along with my case. I am super happy with Mike. He has always solved or had an answer for everything that has come along. He is a super good guy who cares about what is going on with your situation. Thank you so much. Bravo.

Auto Accident client of Mike Kosik

Mike was great! I very much appreciated all his help over the last year and a half.

Auto Accident client of Mike Kosik from New Cumberland, PA

I was very pleased with Michael Kosik and have already given your firm’s name to several individuals I know in need of help.

Auto Accident client of Mike Kosik

Atty. Kramer was very helpful. He did all the means that all my needs were met. He went to where I was in the rehabilitation center, nursing home to explain documents or some signatures needed to sign, and even deposited money for me. He is also a very honest man whom we could trust. Thank you so much for the job well done.

Auto Accident client of Gerry Kramer

Mr. Mike Kosik was extremely easy to work with and if I ever need your services again, I would request him.

Auto Accident client of Mike Kosik from Stewartstown, PA

Scott Cooper and his staff were fantastic through it all. I would recommend Schmidt Kramer to anyone.

Auto client of Scott Cooper

Dear Mr. Cooper, I wanted to thank you for your help determining the pain and suffering of my accident. Thankfully, I have no experience in the area which made your help so valuable. I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me. It was nice to talk to people that I felt I could trust to give me an honest opinion. I am very pleased to hear that 's offer is fair. I like living my life trusting people and always like when that feeling is affirmed. Sincerely

Potential Schmidt Kramer Client

I appreciated Mike’s calm, professional manner. His experience was evident. He explained the situation well.

Auto Accident client of Mike Kosik from Sartell, MN

Mr. Cooper and his staff were very professional, patient, and prompt. They explained in detail each step of the process and were very carrying. I would highly recommend Mr. Cooper and Schmidt Kramer.

Auto client of Scott Cooper

Thank you for the quick and honest service. I appreciate all that you did on my behalf.

Auto client of Gerry Kramer