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Actos Bladder Cancer Lawyers

Bladder Cancer After Taking Actos

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns that use of the diabetes medication Actos® (pioglitazone) for more than one year has been associated with a 40 percent increase in risk for bladder cancer. The FDA urges patients that have taken Actos to contact a medical professional immediately if they experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Blood or red color in urine
  • Urgent need to urinate or pain while urinating
  • Pain in back or lower abdomen

Information about the risk of bladder cancer associated with Actos has been added to the Warnings and Precautions section of the label for pioglitazone-containing medicines as well as the patient medication guide.

Different Products, Same Risk

The active ingredient in Actos (pioglitazone) is also sold in combination with metformin (Actoplus Met®, Actoplus Met XR®) and glimepiride (Duetact®). From January 2010 through October 2010, approximately 2.3 million patients filled a prescription for a pioglitazone-containing product from outpatient retail pharmacies. The drug was one of the best-selling Type 2 diabetes drugs worldwide however, many users began to develop bladder cancer compared to those on other types of diabetic medications.

While the FDA has not ordered a recall of Actos – or for the product to be removed from the market in the United States – it has stated that after a review of data obtained from a five-year analysis, there has been no overall risk of bladder cancer in users taking pioglitazone however, there is an increased risk in users that have had long term exposure.

Consequently, the FDA has informed the public that there maybe an associated risk of bladder cancer in those that have been exposed to Actos for more than one year and added information about the potential risks as a warning on the label for medicines that contain pioglitazone.

IMPORTANT: Never stop taking any medication without first consulting your doctor. Actos®, Actoplus Met®, Actoplus Met XR®, and Duetact® are registered trademarks of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited and are used here only for the purpose of identifying the products in question. This law firm is not associated with, sponsored by, or affiliated with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited.

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