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Onglyza Class Action Lawsuit

Every day, thousands of diabetic patients rely on the medication Onglyza (also known by its generic name, Saxagliptin) to help stabilize their blood glucose levels and manage symptoms associated with type 2 diabetes.

Sadly, many of these same patients also suffer from pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), and heart failure, because Onglyza has recently been linked to increased occurrences of these diseases.

If you or someone you love has taken Onglyza as part of a blood sugar management plan, you may be eligible to join an Onglyza class action lawsuit and receive financial compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages.

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Deadly Onglyza Side Effects

prescription-medication-bottlesAs early as 2008, officials from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expressed concern over Onglyza side effects, as they had received countless reports about diabetic patients suffering from Onglyza heart failure.

The FDA had also received numerous reports that showcased a probable connection between Onglyza and pancreatitis.

Concerned the medication may not meet its drug safety guidelines, the FDA required AstraZeneca, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Onglyza, to conduct a study regarding the drug’s potentially deadly side effects.

According to the FDA, the study revealed the following alarming conclusions:

An Increased Risk of Heart Failure. Diabetic patients taking Onglyza were nearly 30 percent more likely to suffer from heart failure than patients who were not taking the medication.

An Increased Mortality Rate. Taking Onglyza increased the overall risk of death for diabetic patients. In this sense, Onglyza patients were less likely to survive a disease or affliction that had the potential to be fatal, but which was not guaranteed to be fatal.

Other studies on Onglyza side effects, which were conducted from 2013 to 2015, included additional distressing information, such as:

Pre-Cancerous Cell Formation. Onglyza encouraged pre-cancerous cells to form in the pancreas of many diabetic patients.

An Increased Risk of Certain Types of Cancer. Patients taking Onglyza had a higher-than-normal risk of contracting thyroid and pancreatic cancer.

Painful Joint Dysfunction. Onglyza caused several patients to experience severe and debilitating joint pain.

Immune System Disruption. In some patients, Onglyza prompted an immunological response that caused rashes, chills, fevers and swelling.

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Contact an Onglyza Class Action Lawyer

contact-us-phone-and-keyboardBefore the FDA required AstraZeneca to test the safety of Onglyza (Saxagliptin), the medication had been on the market for five years, and it had already been prescribed to thousands of diabetic patients.

As a result, countless diabetic patients have suffered from Onglyza heart failure, and many more suffer due to the increased link between Onglyza and pancreatitis. Some patients have died from these Onglyza side effects.

When pharmaceutical companies like AstraZeneca provide patients with dangerous medication that may cause pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis, and heart failure, they must be held accountable for their harmful and unethical actions.

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