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Important Information For Workers Compensation Claims

Getting hurt on the job was not something you anticipated—but it happened. Now that you are unable to work, you’ll need to find another way to receive an income, and workers’ compensation may be the answer you’re looking for.

If you were hurt in Pennsylvania, you’ll need to know the rules that pertain specifically to our state, as they can vary throughout the country. Here, we take a look at the numbers behind workers’ compensation in our state.

Information You Need to Know

Knowing how many days you’ll have to file your claim, as well as the doctor you need to see is essential. Neglecting to learn this information could hurt you.

  • The Number of Days You Have to Tell Your Boss. Telling your supervisor or employer as soon as the incident occurs is always a good idea. However, if for some reason you are unable to, you have 120 days to report the injury to your employer after it occurs.
  • When Your Employer Has to Begin Paying You. You haven’t been paid in some time because you’ve been too hurt to work, which means you want to receive payment immediately. Your employer has 21 days after you report your injury to decide if your injury occurred on the job or if he will attempt to deny your claim.
  • The Doctor You’ll Need to See. Employees are required to see the company doctor for the first 90 days after the injury occurs—only if the employer provides specific information to the employee, including the names of six designated health care providers. If the employer does not do this, the employee doesn’t have to see the company doctor.

An Attorney Can Help You

Filing for workers’ compensation can be difficult. You have enough to worry about, and filling out forms and meeting with insurance agents shouldn’t be something that is weighing on your mind.

The attorneys of Schmidt Kramer want to help. Speak with us today about your situation by filling out our online form or giving us a call. We have helped many people just like you receive the workers’ compensation they deserved.  

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