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Summertime Dangers That Can Cause an East Shore Car Crash

Pennsylvania winters are long and cold. Residents are stuck inside their homes for what feels like forever, so when things heat up, they want to get out. The summer months bring a lot of fun and activities, but they can also present dangers for drivers. Being aware of the possible threats could prevent you from being injured in a car crash.

More Traffic

Just like you, other Pennsylvania natives are hitting the streets to enjoy hot spots such as Philadelphia, the Poconos, and Lancaster County. With everyone attempting to get out of dodge and enjoy the weather, the roads can become jammed with traffic. The more people on the road, the greater your chances are of getting involved in an accident.

More Teens

Kids are out of school, and that means more teenagers are behind the wheels of vehicles. Teenagers typically don’t have as much experience driving as adults do, therefore, they are more likely to make mistakes that could result in a car crash.

More Out-of-Town Drivers

If you live in an area that attracts tourists, you could have a higher chance of getting involved in a crash. Those who are unfamiliar with your area often drive erratically and make mistakes, which can throw other motorists off guard and cause them to react in ways that could cause accidents.

If you were involved in a East Shore car crash and suffered from injuries as a result, you’ll need the help of an experienced car accident lawyer on your side. If not, you may end up paying for expensive medical bills and vehicle repairs as a result, which isn’t fair.

The attorneys of Schmidt Kramer have helped accident victims just like you get the compensation they deserve. Connect with us today to find out if we can do the same for you.

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