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Injured Workers Should Talk to Their Workers’ Compensation Attorney – Harrisburg Employees Often Make Critical Mistakes

If you were injured on the job in Pennsylvania, it’s important that you follow the proper protocol to ensure you receive the maximum workers’ compensation benefits for which you are eligible. Failing to follow certain rules can completely ruin your case and cause you to be ineligible for compensation that can be key in helping you support yourself while you are injured. As a workers’ compensation lawyer, Camp Hill and Harrisburg employees will frequently call the law firm seeking assistance after they’ve made one of these critical errors:

  1. They didn’t report their Pennsylvania workplace injury within the 120-day window of time. When you get hurt because of your job, you have to report your injury to your employer within 120 days of the injury, or your employer is not legally obligated to pay you workers’ compensation benefits. There are exceptions if you do not notice the injury/illness right away or if it develops over time—make sure you talk to your lawyer. 
  2. They did not file a claim within 3 years. If you notified your employer about your injury within the 120-day time window, and they failed to accept blame for the incident, you have three years to file a claim against them. 
  3. They haven’t been taking their doctors appointments seriously. Your doctor can be one of your biggest advocates in a workers’ comp situation, so it’s always in your best interest to attend all scheduled appointments and show that you’re working hard to get better. You need to keep them updated on how you’re doing and if there are any changes to your condition. 
  4. They didn’t consult with a workers’ compensation attorney when submitting their claim. With many Pennsylvania attorneys offering free consultations, there’s absolutely no reason why someone shouldn’t talk to a legal professional before submitting their workers’ comp claim. This is probably your first time doing this, and workers’ compensation lawyers do this nearly every day—don’t turn down help!

Don’t make one of these critical mistakes if you are hurt at work. Contact a workers’ compensation lawyer. Harrisburg residents often call us at the law office of Schmidt Kramer for a free consultation at (717) 888-8888.