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Seven Simple Ways to Cut Down on Driver Distraction and Help Prevent a Serious Wreck

Knowing the facts regarding driver distraction is not the same as taking the steps to avoid it. Do your part in reducing driver distraction this month. Here are seven ways you can help:

Get up Early

Setting your alarm just five minutes earlier could give you the extra time you need to get everything else done before you get in the car. Having those extra few minutes can help you relax and avoid the perceived need to speed or multi-task while driving along the Capital Beltway in Harrisburg.

Eat at Home

Skip the drive-through at your favorite fast food restaurant. Instead, take a little extra time to eat before you leave. If that’s not an option, consider picking up your meal and waiting to eat until you get to your destination. Though not as prolific as cell phone use, eating or drinking while driving can also cause serious accidents.

Navigate Before Leaving

Set your smartphone or GPS to your destination before putting the car in gear. Attempting to set your navigation system while moving can be a dangerous combination.

Don’t Text!

Texting is perhaps the most distracting way to use your cell phone while driving. Plus, it’s illegal—don’t do it.

Let the Baby Cry

Yes, it can be distracting to have a child crying in the backseat while you are driving, but reaching back to attempt to resolve the situation is even more dangerous. You may need to let your children cry or argue while you focus on the road. If necessary, find a spot to pull over and remedy the situation.

Be Willing to Stop

If that phone call or text truly is important enough that you must answer it now, then it’s probably worth the extra effort to pull over on the side of the road and stop. This is an option too many drivers fail to exercise.

Educate Others

Just because you know the dangers of driving distracted doesn’t mean everyone does. Educate your loved ones on the importance of hanging up the phone, eliminating distractions, and focusing on the road. We encourage you to share this article on Facebook and do your part in raising awareness for Distracted Driving Month.

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