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Do Mental Disorders Qualify for Disability Benefits?

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits will very often be associated with a physical disability; however, many different mental disorders can qualify as well. Various mental conditions can be harder to prove because, sometimes, Social Security will feel that although you’re suffering, you’re still capable of performing some simple tasks. They fail to take into consideration the fact that your condition prevents you from even being able to get out of bed some mornings—how can you go to work if you can’t even get out of bed? While mental conditions are harder to prove sometimes, it is certainly not impossible, and many individuals suffering from psychological issues find some relief with Social Security Disability benefits.

If you need help with initial paperwork or with filing an appeal, make sure you speak with a Social Security lawyer. Harrisburg residents frequently contact Schmidt Kramer for assistance because of their knowledge of the Social Security Disability system.

Conditions That May Qualify

If your mental disorder is affecting your ability to work, you may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. Mental conditions listed by the Social Security Administration include:

Even if your mental disorder is not listed by the SSA, you still have the ability to prove that your condition is equally severe as something else on the list. The SSA loves evidence, so the more you have, the better. 

At Schmidt Kramer, we’ve met with many people suffering from mental conditions that deserve Social Security Disability benefits. If you’ve been denied, we will work hard to appeal the decision and make sure you are able to pay your bills and live comfortably. However, you don’t have to wait for a denial to meet with a Social Security attorney; Camp Hill and Harrisburg residents suffering from disabilities will frequently contact us for help with their initial application so that they have a better chance of being approved the first time they apply.

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