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Did Your Job Cause Your Heart Attack?

Workers' compensation is available for employees who are hurt at work, but some people do not realize that it can also be available if you suffer a heart attack on-the-job. Not all types of heart conditions will be eligible, but if you can prove that unnecessary stress—physical or mental—caused your heart attack, workers' compensation benefits could be an option for you. Believe it or not, this sometimes even applies if the heart attack happens at home, or if you had a pre-existing heart condition.

Work Situations That Can Negatively Affect Your Heart

Jobs can contribute to heart conditions in many different scenarios, and it is critical to be aware of certain situations that can affect your heart in a negative way.

  • Non-Traditional Work Hours – Studies have shown that if people have jobs that force them to work overnight or other odd hours, they are more likely to be obese and become more at-risk for cardiovascular disease.
  • Long Shifts – People who work more than 11 hours a day have almost double the risk of coronary heart disease than those who work seven to eight-hour days.
  • Desk Jobs – Some may think that a physical job would put more pressure on a person's heart, but it's actually the sedentary jobs that are doing the most damage. It is thought that sitting may cause a drop in insulin sensitivity and enzymes that normally break down fat.
  • High Stress – Whether you are a CEO or a firefighter, you may encounter situations on a daily basis that get your heart pumping, adrenaline going, and cause some major anxiety. This regular stress can have a big effect on your physical and mental well-being.

Does your job fall under one or more of these categories? Please share this article with your co-workers!

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