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Checking Your Social Security Eligibility Online

Most of us are busy working and never give the possibility of becoming disabled a second thought. However, according to the Social Security Administration, a 20-year-old worker has a 30 percent chance of becoming disabled before reaching retirement age. Social Security Disability (SSD) is a safety net that provides financial benefits to those disabled due to serious physical or mental illness or injury. If you have a disabling condition that leaves you unable to work, you may be able to apply for monthly SSD benefits. 

One way to determine if you are eligible to receive SSD benefit payments is to look at your Social Security Statement from the Social Security Administration. In the past, the Social Security Administration mailed paper statements to workers age 25 and older who were not receiving Social Security benefits. Because of the high cost to produce and mail the statements, the Social Security Administration recently set up an online Social Security Statement service. Statements are now available online only—paper statements are no longer produced. 

The Social Security Statement provides the following valuable information:

  • Retirement and disability benefit estimates
  • Benefits estimates for family members (they may be eligible to receive benefits when you receive benefits or die)
  • Earnings history (list of earnings for each year you have worked)
  • Estimates of Medicare and Social Security taxes you have paid over your working career
  • Information about qualifying for Medicare
  • General information about Social Security

The Social Security Statement will inform you of the monthly SSD benefit amount you will collect if you are disabled. If you are not yet eligible for SSD benefits, the statement will say that you have not worked long enough to qualify for benefits. However, you may still be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits if you meet certain income requirements.

The online Social Security Statement makes it easy to see if you are eligible to apply for disability benefits. However, the reality is that disability benefits are often denied to SSD applicants.

The attorneys at Schmidt Kramer are familiar with Social Security law. They regularly assist disabled workers in receiving the disability benefits they deserve.

If you are disabled and the Social Security Administration has denied your disability benefit application, contact a Lancaster Social Security Disability attorney.

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