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Rejected by Social Security? Here’s Why Your Pennsylvania SSDI Claim Was Doomed From the Start

Would someone applying for an advanced degree at a university submit her final thesis without first having someone—probably several people, in fact—check the spelling and grammar? Of course not. The people who sit in judgment of her work will have to make a decision based on what she has submitted. If that submission is poorly presented, she can’t expect to receive top honors.

This is just common sense, right? But as Social Security attorneys in Harrisburg, we know that many people applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits don’t take similar care with their applications. The result? Several months of waiting, and then they find their SSDI claim denied by the Social Security Administration.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Why SSDI Applications Are Denied

Our law firm has worked closely with many Social Security disability applicants in central Pennsylvania over the years, and we’ve learned a couple basic facts about the application process:

  • The Social Security Administration does a poor job explaining exactly what needs to be included in an application. There’s an awful lot of jargon and technical terms used. The average person can easily be completely bewildered and overwhelmed by the details. You can call or visit the nearest Social Security office, and the bureaucrats seem like nice enough people, but they are too used to dealing with the jargon to explain it in ways you will understand.
  • The average applicant doesn’t really understand all the rules that apply to his case. When he submits his documentation, he’s mostly trusting to luck that everything necessary is somewhere in the package. In truth, he’s not sure what requirements he has to meet to be considered disabled or to be covered under SSDI.

A rough estimate is that about two-thirds of the people who apply for SSDI find that their applications are denied the first time. Many of these will go on to appeal their cases. At each stage of the appeals process, some applicants will be awarded SSDI benefits, some will be denied again and will continue to ask for reconsideration, and the rest of the denied applicants will give up.

We Don’t Want You to Give Up

Even getting your SSDI application accepted the first time around is a marathon challenge. You will wait for months—literally months—before you receive word whether you’re entitled to benefits. The only way you can endure the agony and worry of this delay is by knowing you submitted the strongest application possible.

Here are the primary reasons Pennsylvania applicants have their SSDI claims denied:

  • Lack of a diagnosis that qualifies as a severe medical impairment
  • Lack of evidence that your condition is so disabling that you cannot work
  • Lack of evidence from someone recognized as a valid medical authority
  • Your medical records show you are not following your prescribed treatment plan
  • You refuse to be examined by a doctor selected by the Social Security Administration to verify your diagnosis
  • Your disability is not expected to last 12 months or result in your death
  • Insufficient work history throughout your adult lifetime
  • Insufficient recent work history during five of the last ten years
  • Your income is too high
  • You have been denied before, and you are reapplying rather than appealing a prior denial

At Schmidt Kramer, we regularly work with clients in Dauphin County, Lebanon County, Juniata County, and other nearby communities to help prepare flawless SSDI applications or manage appeals after an application has been denied. We know what the application requirements are, and we can explain them in terms that are easily understood by anyone. Call us at 717-888-8888 or 888-476-0807 toll-free to get your questions answered or if you need assistance in securing the SSDI benefits you deserve.

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