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Choosing The Right Doctor For Your Workers Compensation Claim

The day you were hired your new boss gave you information about workers’ compensation and pointed out that the company even had a list of approved medical doctors. That’s nice, right? It is, unless you come across one of those few doctors who care little about your health and are simply working for the company’s best interests. Here are five signs that you might have encountered a shady independent doctor following an on-the-job accident:

Short Appointment

Just because a doctor is busy doesn’t mean he or she should cut your time short. After all, you have an appointment too, so that time has already been set aside for you. Be wary of a doctor who spends a mere 5 or 10 minutes with you. That’s likely not enough to make a sure diagnosis.

Few Questions

A good doctor will ask you several questions to determine exactly where your pain is, when it started, and how your accident occurred. If the doctor doesn’t want to hear about what happened or how you are feeling, that’s a sure sign that he or she doesn’t really care about helping you get better and getting you the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation you need.

Incomplete Exam

A good doctor is a thorough doctor. Be wary of a doctor who fails to check out all of your injuries or who seems to ignore what you are saying about your injuries. A doctor who does very little may be focused on money rather than health.


This is perhaps the biggest sign of a doctor who cares more about saving the company money than taking care of your health issues. A prejudiced independent doctor may subtly suggest that you caused the accident or are exaggerating your pain. For example, if the doctor questions your story on how the accident occurred or accuses you of not following any previous doctor’s orders, these may be signs that he or she is attempting to lower your compensation.

Lesser Diagnosis

If you’ve already received a diagnosis from your family doctor, don’t be surprised to hear that the independent doctor disagrees with this first diagnosis. It’s common for independent doctors to suggest a lesser diagnosis than your injury deserves to save the company money.

If you believe the independent medical exam you were required to take was a sham, you should consult with an experienced Harrisburg workers’ compensation attorney who can help you get the compensation you deserve. We have a representative available now to start an online chat and help you get back on the road to recovery.

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