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Replacement Hip Recall Lawsuits

Was Your Hip Replaced After 2003?

Who Should Take Action?

Anyone who received a DePuy ASR device as listed above, after July 2003. If you had your hip surgery prior to July 2003, the hip you received is not subject to this recall.

Data shows that more people than expected who received the ASR Hip System experienced pain and other symptoms that led to a second hip replacement surgery, called a revision surgery. In fact, five years after implantation, approximately 12 percent of patients (1 in 8) who had received the ASR resurfacing device and 13 percent of patients (1 in 8) who had received the ASR total hip replacement needed to have a revision surgery.

Additional testing and monitoring may be necessary to ensure your hip implant is functioning well. In some cases, patients may need additional surgery.

The most common symptoms for those having hip replacement problems are:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Problems walking

While these symptoms may be normal if you just had hip replacement surgery, the symptoms may persist or come back. This is a sign that there may be a problem.

What Causes Symptoms?

Problems with the device, such as:

  • Loosening – when the implant does not stay attached to the bone in the correct position
  • Fracture – where the bone around the implant may have broken
  • Dislocation – where the two parts of the implant that move against each other are no longer aligned


  • Manufacturer: DePuy® Orthopaedics
  • Products:
  • ASR Hip Resurfacing System

RECALL #2 - Durom Hip Implant

  • Manufacturer: Zimmer, Inc.
  • Products: Durom Hip Cup

Do You Need Revision Surgery Because of a Zimmer, Durom Hip Implant?

The FDA has received hundreds of complaints from patients with the implants, including reports of device failure and serious symptoms leading to additional surgeries.

Zimmer recalled the medical device and has instructed surgeons to stop using it!

Reason For The Recall

Instructions for use/surgical technique instructions are inadequate.

If you or a loved one has a Zimmer implant, you need to call now! The device can become loose and may require revision surgery.

The attorneys at Schmidt Kramer are investigating claims against DePuy and Zimmer to protect patients’ rights. If you are having problems with a DePuy or Zimmer hip implant, Talk to a Lawyer! A Schmidt Kramer attorney will speak with you about the problems you experienced, and help you determine if you have a claim against the medical device manufacturer.

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