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Common Causes of Tire Separation That Can Lead to Auto Accidents

You packed up the kids in the minivan and hopped on Interstate 70 to get to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster. While driving, you notice that your vehicle feels like it is shaking. In fact, you realize the sensation has been there for the last few days.

Suddenly, your van dives down towards the driver’s front wheel, and you see the tread start peeling off of the tire. Your vehicle starts moving out of control and you strike the truck next to you. What caused the tread separation? Here, we take a look at the possibilities.

Common Reasons for Tread Separation

  • Manufacturer Defect. Although rare, manufacturer’s defects are the most common cause of tire separation. These defects typically occur when something goes wrong with the chemical process during manufacturing, and the tread and steel belting section don’t bond to the tire casing properly.
  • Tire Abuse. Tires that are not properly cared for will give out after time. Over-inflation is hard on tires, particularly if they travel on damaged roads. The extra air can cause excessive heat generation, accelerated wear, and doesn’t allow the tire to absorb road shock. The result is often tread stripped away from the tire.
  • Excessive Tire Wear. Tires are designed to only last so long. Once they’ve reached their limit, tire separations can occur in addition to tire blowouts and loss of traction. Replacing your tires before they reach this limit could prevent your involvement in an accident.

If you were a victim of an accident that was caused by tire separation or believe that a manufacturer’s defect caused your collision, the legal team of Schmidt Kramer may be able to help. Fill out our online form or use the chat feature on our website to speak with us today.

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