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Understanding Why Your Social Security Disability Payments Were Terminated

You can imagine how devastating it will be when the checks stop coming.

How SSDI Benefits are Terminated

Social Security Disability Insurance is a program that gives financial support to people with a substantial work history who are no longer able to work because of some infirmity. To receive SSDI benefits, the applicant must be able to show that his disabling condition is expected to last at least a year or to result in his death. Because the burden of proof is so extensive—and the application process so demanding—the majority of people who apply for SSDI benefits without hiring an attorney are refused on their first attempt.

Once a worker has succeeded in having his application approved, the worries are far from over. Maintaining eligibility for SSDI benefits means that you must continue to meet the criteria. Here are some of the reasons why SSDI benefits can be terminated:

  • The recipient returns to work at a wage level above the limits for receiving SSDI benefits.
  • A periodic review by a caseworker determines that the recipient is able to work, even though he may not have a job.
  • The recipient’s diagnosis has changed.
  • The claim is determined to be fraudulent, and benefits are ended when criminal charges are brought against the recipient.
  • The recipient is incarcerated in jail or prison, or (in some cases) convicted of a felony.
  • The recipient “ages out of the system,” becoming too old to collect SSDI benefits.
  • The recipient fails to complete paperwork properly during a periodic review of his status.

A Case Review Doesn’t Mean the End of your Benefits

The notice that your SSDI case is being reviewed does not mean you will automatically lose your benefits. You will be accorded a chance to produce evidence in your favor and retain your SSDI income.

Most benefits are terminated because SSDI recipients are not able to argue persuasively that they should continue to receive federal disability payments. That’s why it is essential to have an experienced Pennsylvania disability lawyer assist you every step of the way. At Schmidt Kramer, our Harrisburg Social Security attorneys have successfully helped hundreds of people obtain or retain their SSDI benefits.

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