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Revising Your Work Schedule May Prevent a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Do your friends and family ever tell you that you’re working too hard? Do you feel like you’re tied to your iPhone so you can answer work e-mails 24/7? Do you feel like you work long hours but aren’t actually very productive?

It sounds like you’re trying to keep a work schedule that could end up affecting your health and result in a workers’ compensation claim. Remember, not all workplace-related injuries are sudden and catastrophic; some injuries come from stress, repetitive motions, and general overuse.

So, what can you do to avoid having to file for workers’ compensation benefits? May is Revise Your Work Schedule Month and it may be exactly what you need to create a more manageable work/life balance.

What Can I Do?

First, make sure you have the type of job that allows for a bit of flexibility in how work is done and when it is done. If you have a job that could theoretically be done from anywhere, begin to imagine your ideal situation.

  • What time of day are you most productive? Though 9–5 is the norm, some people thrive on an earlier 7–3 schedule, while others do better with a later start from 11–7.
  • Do you get easily distracted at the office? It can be helpful to be in the office sometimes for meetings and other times you need to talk face-to-face, but some projects are best done in a distraction-free environment. Do you think you might get more done if you were allowed to telecommute a couple days a week?
  • Do you feel like you have a million things going on all at once? You may think that everything is urgent, but most of your daily tasks can be prioritized. Tell yourself that you’re only going to write and answer e-mails at certain points during the day; you can also use other organization tools and apps to keep yourself on track.

Depending on your job and your employer, you may not be able to adjust your schedule in all of these ways, but even small changes can make a big difference in your mental and physical health.

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