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Why Was A 12 Year Old Behind The Wheel In This Pa Car Crash?

Posted on Jul 31, 2014

The Centre Daily Times is reporting about a  12-year-old Osceola Mills girl who was cited for “numerous violations” after a July 17 Pa car crash.  Pennsylvania State police in Philipsburg say the girl was driving north on State Street in Rush Township when she tried to go around a left curve and lost control of the 2000 Chevrolet Impala, exiting the road and striking an embankment.  She continued to drive north on the east side of the road, striking several small trees and shrubs before getting the car back on the road and leaving the scene. She drove about two miles before the car became inoperable and stopped in the northbound lane.

According to the report, Tamara R. Wohl, 21, of Sandy Ridge, a passenger, was also cited, but police did not detail offenses for either the minor or Wohl.  Both received what police called minor injuries. Another passenger, a 9-year-old Philipsburg girl, received major injuries, according to the police report.

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