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Who Pays Your Medical Bills When You Are Injured At Work In Pennsylvania

The first question to ask is, “what is a work injury”?   This can be defined as a medical condition caused by or aggravated by work.

If you have been injured at work contact one of our skilled workers’ compensation lawyers in Harrisburg today for a free legal consultation. 

This can be a specific accident or repetitive trauma over time.

 Here are some of the steps to getting medical bills paid:
1. If you are hurt at work, promptly tell your employer that you were hurt at work, and that it resulted from your job.

2. Treat with a medical professional. If your employer has a posted list of providers you are required to see one or more of the doctors on the list for 90 days from the first date of treatment.

3. Tell your doctor that this was a work related accident and give a clear and precise history of how you sustained the injury and clearly explain how your problem is work related.

Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law can be very complicated, and it is important that you follow exact steps right after your accident to ensure that your claim is accepted by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier.