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What You Need to Know About Your PA Work-Related Head Injury

Pennsylvania workers in any line of work can suffer a concussion or other type of serious head injury.  I have seen educators, flight attendants, warehouse workers, construction workers, and retail workers all suffer head injuries.  When a Central Pennsylvania worker suffers a head injury, it’s important that he or she takes time and focuses on recovery, rather than rushing back to work.  There are several other issues that can cause ongoing problems for injured workers suffering from a head injury.  

Post Concussive Symptoms

An injured worker may suffer from a variety of symptoms following a concussion.  People may deal with dizziness, memory loss, and difficulty concentrating.  These difficulties can make work difficult even if the job is sedentary.  Often times work conditions including loud noises and fluorescent lights can aggravate these symptoms.  For this reason, an injured worker should not rush back to work before the time is right.  

Cervical Strains and Sprains

The type of impact that causes a head injury such as a concussion may also cause an injury to the neck.  The neck can be jammed or twisted by this impact.  It’s important that an injured worker can get treatment for all of the issues relating to the work injury.  If physical therapy is necessary to rehabilitate or strengthen the neck, it should be started as soon as possible following the injury.  

Depression and Anxiety

An injured worker suffering from a head injury may deal with depression and anxiety as a result of the injury.  A head injury can totally alter a person’s life, in and outside of work.  This type of major change can lead to depression and anxiety.  If you are dealing with work-related depression and or anxiety, it is important to treat with a medical professional who can help you deal with these issues.  

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