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FJD Sees Dramatic Drop in Filings of Mass Tort Cases

The Legal Intelligencer is reporting today about 60% drop in mass tort filings in Philadelphia Courts. Is this further proof that there is no need for changes to the venue rules of civil procedure or the continued unconstitutional efforts to legislate any changes? Also, doesn’t this finally prove that the business sponsored surveys of Philadelphia being a “judicial hellhole” is not true? Below is the article from today’s Legal.

The article proves once and for all that the American Tort reform Association claims are false and lies. As written, the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas is projecting that 60 percent fewer mass tort cases will be filed this year than were filed in 2011.

Clearly, the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA) and its study that it pays for on Judicial Hellholes is not telling the public or the legislators the truth when it says that there is a problem with the Philadelphia court system. In fact, if anything, the court system in Philadelphia has shown to be fair and expeditious. The ATRA appears to be issuing a yearly study which starts with a conclusion that it wants to reach and then creates facts to lead to the results it seeks. If not, then it would be truthful that the study is not peer reviewed and also is not scientifically valid or approved.

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