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UCP Attitudes Essay Contest

Posted on May 17, 2012

Schmidt Kramer sponsors UCP Central PA/Schmidt Kramer Attitudes Essay Contest each year. This year, nearly 400 students from 21 schools throughout Central Pennsylvania participated in the contest.

The purpose of the contest is to have students think and write about the positive abilities and potential barriers that exist between people with and without disabilities. These students illustrate amazing insight and understanding about disabilities and the barriers people with disabilities face.

Some Schmidt Kramer staff, along with UCP staff, parents, and volunteers, take time to read the essays and judge the top three winners in each age category. The top three winners in each age category receive cash awards.

This year’s winners were:

Grade Place Name School
3-4 1st Lia Acri  Sr. Catherine Laboure
3-4 2nd Lucy Spicher Halifax Elementary
3-4 3rd Koby Minnich Halifax Elementary
5-6 1st Cathy Harwin Londonderry Elementary
5-6 2nd Brendon Kline   Londonderry Elementary
5-6 3rd Maggie Mostoller Londonderry Elementary
7-8 1st Jeanette Lazusky St. Joan of Arc
7-8 2nd Gabriella Bellezza St. Joan of Arc
7-8 3rd Gabriella Bellezza St. Catherine Laboure
9-12 1st John F. M. Kocsis Cumberland Valley High
9-12 2nd Hannah Kauffman Bible Baptist
9-12 3rd Heather Zentz Bible Baptist

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