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Trial Lawyers Respond To Unfair Attack On Victim Rights

Last weekend the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran an article about changing venue for only victim lawsuits in Pennsylvania.  The trial lawyers organization was never contacted before the story ran or asked to comment.  Below is the response letter to the editor printed in today’s Pittsburgh Post- Gazette by Pennsylvania Association for Justice’s President and Schmidt Kramer Injury lawyer Partner Scott Cooper.

State must add jobs to compete, not infringe on legal rights

November 29, 2012 12:28 am

Regarding the Nov. 26 story that said Pennsylvania has earned a bad reputation for “litigation tourism” (“Holding Business Hostage”).

If we want to improve Pennsylvania’s economy, we need to add jobs, not take away people’s rights.

Under Pennsylvania’s well-established rule on venue, jurisdiction for civil cases is determined by our state Supreme Court. Venue works because it guarantees everyone’s access to our civil justice system.

Corporations are not immune from lawsuits if they behave irresponsibly. But the drug manufacturers, tobacco industry and insurance companies behind the U.S. Chamber of Commerce want to tilt the playing field.

If Pennsylvania is receiving a failing grade on its economy, it is due to factors such as education, quality of life, access to new markets and tax incentives. These are areas where we need to make improvements if we want our economy to come back.

Gutting venue is unconstitutional and won’t create a single job.

Pennsylvania Association for Justice

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