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Third Parties Who May be Liable for a Manufacturing Accident

engines on assembly lineManufacturing jobs can be dangerous, putting workers at risk for a variety of injuries that could leave them unable to work.

What some workers may not realize is they may be able to file a claim against multiple third parties for their injuries.

Below, you will find information on the types of third-party claims that stem from manufacturing accidents, the common types of accidents, and how subrogation may play a role in these claims.

Types of Third-Party Claims for Manufacturing Injuries

If you were injured in a manufacturing plant accident, there are various third parties who may have liability, depending on the circumstances of your injury. These could include:

  • Delivery people
  • Outside vendors
  • Product manufacturers or designers
  • Manufacturers or distributors of toxic substances
  • Makers of safety equipment

The negligence of these people/parties could result in a variety of accidents that could injure workers. This could include:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Hit-by-an-object accidents
  • Getting stuck in machinery or in between machines
  • Being hit by a vehicle
  • Toxic chemicals exposure
  • Fires or explosions

These and other manufacturing accidents could lead to paralysis, amputation, traumatic brain injuries, severe burns, internal injuries and other life-changing injuries.

One of the advantages to pursuing a third-party claim is there are damages available that you cannot pursue in a workers’ compensation claim. For example, you may be eligible to obtain compensation for physical pain and emotional suffering caused by your injuries. Workers’ compensation only provides compensation for a portion of lost wages and medical bills.

Subrogation in a Third-Party Claim

Subrogation occurs when an insurance company obtains reimbursement for compensation it paid to an injury victim.

Under Pennsylvania law, workers’ compensation insurance companies have an absolute right of subrogation in any third-party actions filed by injured workers. If the injured worker recovers compensation from a third-party claim, the insurance company can recoup the cost of benefits it already paid out. However, the workers’ compensation insurer or employer may be required to pay the victim’s attorneys fees.

One of the things injury victims should watch out for when settling a third-party claim is language put into the agreement by the workers’ compensation insurance company. They may try to add language reducing their obligation to pay future medical bills. Insurance companies are always looking for ways to cut costs and avoid paying fair compensation to injury victims.

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