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Defense Of Punxsutawney Phil – He Was 100% Correct!

Recently, the Merrimack Police in New Hampshire sought a warrant against Pennsylvania’s own Punxsutawney Phil for failing to warn everyone how bad the last 6 weeks of winter will be for everyone, especially in the Northeast.  Pennsylvania’s own Governor Tom Wolf came to Phil’s defense and has vowed to protect Phil.  However, more importantly, a close inspection of the facts reveal that Phil actually has lived up to his prediction and any efforts to arrest or do harm to him are not warranted.

Phil’s prediction was for 6 more weeks of Winter and that is exactly what we have, even though most of us (particularly this writer), are not happy about it.  In the legal world he has met up to his promise and prediction and never made any express or implied promises to anyone about the severity of the Winter.  Thus, the efforts of New Hampshire, which lacks jurisdiction over Phil to even begin with, are baseless and frivolous.  Also, he has never made any misrepresentations at all.  His prediction was “6 more weeks of Winter” and that is, for better or worse, what we have.  The prediction did not include a footnote which said “6 more weeks of winter but it will not be so bad” or an express promise. 

As most recall, the day Phil made his prognostication was cloudy with rain and snow and many wondered how he could see his shadow and predict 6 more weeks?  Many thought the fix was in but in reality Phil was 100% correct and cannot be blamed or faulted for the extreme weather. 

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