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How Much Workers’ Compensation Are You Entitled to Receive?

Workers’ compensation is designed to help employees who sustained on-the-job injuries and are no longer able to work because of their injuries. Typically, the first question employees have about workers’ compensation is how much they will receive.

Since you were hurt in Pennsylvania, the amount of benefits you are entitled to depends on the state’s guidelines. Here, an attorney discusses how much money employees are typically granted.

Will You Receive Enough Workers’ Compensation to Get by?

Although employees typically don’t receive the same amount of money they were making when they were injured, they are entitled to a certain amount which will hopefully meet their needs. The following are few guidelines:

  • What You’ll Receive. Although your case can certainly vary, employees typically receive two-thirds of the amount of what they were receiving before they became injured.
  • Exceptions. If you make a high income, you may receive less than two-thirds of what you previously made because of the maximum benefit rate. Additionally, some employees may receive either a fixed rate or 90 percent of their prior average earnings, depending on certain factors.
  • Concurrent Employment. It is essential for employees to report any income from jobs other than the job in which they were injured, which is also called concurrent employment. Employees may be entitled to higher workers’ compensation rates based on the income from the concurrent employment.

Help Is Available

If you have questions about workers’ compensation or need help filing your claim, the York work injury attorneys of Schmidt Kramer want to help. Contact us today to discuss your situation and find out how we have helped other people just like you receive the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve.

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