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Takata Reveals Replacement Airbags Will Also Need to be Recalled

Takata airbag lawyersOn May 19, Takata Corp. announced the recall of 34 million vehicles for defective airbags. Now, the company has revealed that approximately 10 percent of the replacement airbags used to repair vehicles will also need to be recalled.

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Executives from Takata went in front of Congress recently and announced that many of the airbags used for repairs had a specific component the company now believes is the cause of the exploding airbags. The “batwing” inflator, believed to be the cause of airbag explosions, was also used when manufacturing airbags that would be used as replacements for the defective airbags.

Takata does not precisely know how many vehicles have been outfitted with new airbags, but Reuters recently estimated it to be 400,000. Takata expects to manufacture approximately 1 million inflators each month. Unfortunately, with 34 million vehicles needing replacement airbags, the Takata saga could continue for nearly two years.

Some safety experts are concerned that consumers will not take into consideration a second recall notice. Although many motorists are aware of the initial recall, some may not be aware that the replacement airbag installed in their vehicle must also be replaced.

Most recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced the formation of internal safety groups in order to better investigate, identify and remedy vehicle defects.

Takata airbags are alleged to have caused 100 injuries and six deaths. At Schmidt Kramer, we believe that manufacturers who negligently produced dangerous products need to be held accountable for their actions.

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