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Suggestions For Driving Safely To Spring Break

If you or a loved one are traveling for Spring Break this year, here are some traveling tips which should help with safety and with avoiding a serious car accident, especially injury.  What others can you think of?

1.  Always plan your traveling route ahead of time and do not always rely upon GPS for directions.

2.  Plan for regular stops and overnight rests to avoid fatigue.

3.  Have your car in proper working order and all required maintenance and inspections up to date.

4.  If you are traveling with others, plan ahead of time how the driving will be shared.

5.  Have all emergency numbers written down and available if you experience car trouble.

6.  Do not allow anyone traveling in the car to drink alcohol at any time.

7.  Find out the speed limits and any driving laws of the places you are driving through so you are aware of any special laws you need to follow while driving in that jurisdiction.

8.  Make sure everyone who will be driving the car has updated and current drivers licenses.

9.  Make sure the insurance on the vehicle you are driving is current and up to date.

10.  Make sure everyone who will be driving the car is authorized to drive the vehicle and not excluded as a driver under the insurance.

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