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You May Qualify to Receive Social Security Due to Special Considerations

In order to receive Social Security, you must be considered disabled. The Social Security Administration follows a specific set of guidelines to determine if you are. If you don’t fall into these guidelines, but still believe you should receive assistance, you may fall under a set of special considerations.

If You Are Blind or Have Low Vision

Those who are legally blind are typically eligible to receive Social Security. However, even if you’re not considered legally blind, you may still qualify for assistance.

Disabled Children

Disabled children under the age of 18 may receive Social Security benefits until they are 19-years-old. The child may continue to receive the benefits if he or she is a full-time student in elementary or high school.

You Are a Worker’s Widow or Widower

If you are the widow or widower of a person who worked long enough to receive Social Security, you may be eligible to get the assistance at full retirement age or as early as age 60. You may be able to receive it when you are 50 if you are disabled, and the disability started before, or within seven years of your spouse’s death.

If you have applied for Social Security in Lebanon and were denied, the attorneys of Schmidt Kramer may be able to help. We have years of experience assisting those who seek Social Security disability and have been successful in helping many.

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