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Proving Your Seizure Disorder Requires the Help of Harrisburg Social Security Disability

You know that you are unable to work due to your seizure disorder, but you must prove that to the Social Security Administration if you want to receive Harrisburg Social Security disability. Getting approved for the assistance is often difficult, but submitting the proper information increases your chances of getting help.

Keep a Diary

Write down the details of your seizures in a diary each time you have them. Include the length of each, what happens during the episode (if you lose consciousness or convulse), when they happen, their frequency, and any other details you think are helpful. Although a personal record isn’t as valued as doctor’s notes, it can help.

Stay Compliant With Medications

Typically, in order to qualify for disability, you’ll still have to have seizures despite taking your anti-seizure medication continuously for at least three months. Failing to do so or not providing the correct proof could result in your denial.

Keep Friends and Family Up-to-Date

The Social Security Administration will likely interview your friends and family members about your condition to verify that the information you’ve given is correct. Keep them informed of your seizures and any other issues that occur because of your condition.

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If you know someone who suffers from epilepsy, we encourage you to share this information with him or her.

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