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Why Pa Highway Workers Are Nervous About The New Speed Limit On Our Interstates

Pennsylvania raised the speed limit on a stretch of the Pennsylvania Turnpike earlier last month.  When Penndot raises the speed limit to 70 miles per hour on two interstate highways next month, it will also raise the speed limit in work zones to 55.

Construction workers are concerned and call that move frightening.  In three weeks, work zone speed limit will be 55 along a 22-mile stretch of i-380, and on 89-miles of I-80 where Penndot will raise the regular speed limit to 70.  In the last ten years in our state, 249 people died in work zones, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.  49 of them were construction workers, making Pennsylvania the fourth deadliest in the nation.  The most up-to-date numbers come from 2012, where 21 people died in work zones in Pennsylvania, including 3 construction workers.

State police say they will discourage work zone speeding at the 55 mile-per-hour work zones by beefing up patrols, and hiding in construction vehicles with a radar gun.

But is the real problem people driving legally through these construction zones at 55 miles per hour?  Construction workers say that is too fast.

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