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Second Mile Cannot Transfer Assets Until Civil Claims Resolved

Below is the story by Annie McCormick of WHP CBS TV-21 in Harrisburg reporting on a trial judge Ordering that the Second Mile must delay their transfer of assets.  For more on the story go to the WHPTV website at the link following the article.

The decision comes as numerous lawsuits still loom against the charity stemming from Jerry Sandusky’s conviction. Attorneys say Sandusky used the charity to meet his victims.

The decision by a judge officially puts a halt to the transfer of funds that would go to a charity based in Texas.

The Second Mile wanted to transfer at least 40 percent of what was left to Arrow Child and Family Ministries. The same group already has a program in Pennsylvania and ties to government agencies who oversea the welfare of children.

Attorneys for victims right away tried to prevent the transfer to ensure funds would be available when lawsuits went to court.

Now until any claims are done, no money can be transferred from The Second Mile to anyone. Of the several million left in the organization it may not be enough for potential claims.

“Probably a drop in the bucket compared to what they may have to pay out,” explained Pennsylvania injury lawyer Scott Cooper.

The next step is for those cases against The Second Mile to either be heard in court or settled.

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