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Schmidt Kramer Partner Scott Cooper Discusses Bill Cosby Mistrial with CBS 21

pic of scott cooperPartner Scott Cooper was recently interviewed for a CBS 21 report on the declaration of a mistrial in the sexual assault lawsuit against Bill Cosby that was heard in the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa.

The judge declared a mistrial one hour into the sixth day of jury deliberations on the case. The jury claimed it was hopelessly deadlocked and would not be able to reach a unanimous verdict.

Under state law, all 12 jurors must agree beyond a reasonable doubt on a guilty or not guilty verdict, Cooper says.

Mistrials are rare, particularly in criminal cases, according to Cooper. However, when deliberations last more than 50 hours, which is longer than the trial itself, judges tend to get a feeling for what is happening.

The district attorney who prosecuted the case plans to pursue another trial. This could come in just three months, Cooper says.

The next trial will likely be presided over by the same judge but there will be all new jurors. Cooper says it will be like Groundhog Day, except there could be a different result.