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Annual Scholarship Awarded to Alexa Hellein

Chuck Schmidt with Alexa HelleinSchmidt Kramer is pleased to award our Annual Scholarship for Academic Excellence to Alexa Hellein, a student at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences.

Each year, we choose one outstanding student enrolled at an accredited college or university in Pennsylvania to receive $1,500 to further his or her academic goals. In addition to his or her scholastic excellence, the student must stand apart from the other applicants through an essay about how the youth of today can help positively shape the legal system in the future.

In her essay, Ms. Hellein focused on the need for today’s youth to participate in and respect the legal system by finding their voice through voting, abiding by the law – even if they do not always agree with it – and remaining a united front against racism, war or injustices that attempt to tear them apart.

Her essay says making effective change through the appropriate legal avenues is a concrete way in which today’s youth can take action to make the changes they want to see within the legal system.

We congratulate Ms. Hellein on her academic accomplishments thus far and wish her success in achieving her future goals.

As active members within our community, our personal injury lawyers are honored to be able to provide our Annual Scholarship for Academic Excellence to deserving students, such as Ms. Hellein.