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Schmidt Kramer Files Motion To Protect Victims Of Sandusky Case

Below is Schmidt Kramer’s Chuck Schmidt discussing with Annie McCormick of WHP-TV 21 in Harrisburg the filing of a Motion to Intervene on January 10, 2011 in a case involving the Second Mile’s insurance company Federal Insurance and Mr. Sandusky. The insurance company is attempting to avoid paying any civil claims and the firm is intervening in order to protect all of the victims and make sure there is insurance coverage.

In the latest on the Jerry Sandusky child sex scandal, a local law firm is taking on the insurance company representing Sandusky’s charity, The Second Mile. Tuesday, Harrisburg law firm Schmidt Kramer filed a motion to intervene in middle district federal court. In this CBS 21 News exclusive, they say this is a move not only to protect their client but all potential victims who are filing civil suits against

The Second Mile in the Jerry Sandusky child sex scandal. If this motion is held up, it would mean The Second Mile’s insurer would be held responsible to pay for all damages awarded in any civil suit brought by an accuser of Jerry Sandusky. The attorney filing this intervention says the insurance company needs to stay on the hook. “I think there’s coverage because of the language and I don’t believe they should be able to get out of the case,” Attorney Chuck Schmidt explained. Schmidt is talking about The Second Mile’s insurance policy with Federal Insurance Company. In mid-December, Federal Insurance filed a suit in middle district federal court saying they won’t pay for any civil judgments against Jerry Sandusky because what he is accused of didn’t involve his position as an executive with The Second Mile program. “An insurance policy is like an umbrella that someone sells you when there’s sunshine then they try to take it away when there’s rain,” Schmidt commented.

The Attorney General has accused Sandusky of sexually abusing ten boys he met through The Second Mile. There are two more alleged victims not included in the indictment that are filing civil suits. Attorney Chuck Schmidt represents one of them. “The purpose of our intervention is to protect the future rights of victims to cover damages in a civil action,” Schmidt continued. Schmidt says they are filing on behalf of their client but helping the other victims and potentially even more that come forward in the future. “There is a potential for way more,” Schmidt concluded. “The policy is only for one million but we believe they would be in excess above 1 million.” For more on the story and the video of the news story go to the WHP-TV 21 website.

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