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Report Gives Recommendations on Providing Legal Services, Based on What was Learned During COVID-19

mask that says covid-19 with gavel on topSchmidt Kramer’s own Scott Cooper was one of many attorneys on the Pennsylvania Bar Association Joint Task Force on the Continuity of Delivery of Legal Services.

On February 26, 2021, the task force released its report and recommendations based on what was learned while providing legal services during the COVID-19 pandemic. The report notes the continuing impact of the pandemic is substantial and steps need to be taken to address that impact.

In addition to the dozens of attorneys who were on the task force, several other legal organizations participated, including:

  • Pennsylvania Association for Justice
  • Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network
  • Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania
  • Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association
  • Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Superior Court of Pennsylvania
  • Public Defender Association of Pennsylvania
  • Pennsylvania State Conference of Trial Judges
  • Pennsylvania Defense Institute

The report made numerous recommendations to help improve the delivery of legal services during this ongoing pandemic:

  • Emergency declarations should recognize legal services are essential. The most vulnerable in society are counting on legal services.
  • There needs to be leadership and accountability across the entire state when it comes to enforcing health and safety standards in a uniform way.
  • Courts should consider using advanced communication technology to conduct proceedings when it is practical and appropriate.

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