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Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Has Exceptions So You Can Choose Your Own Doctor

June 14, 2012 – Many attorneys and people forget or do not know that according to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, if your employer has not posted a list of medical providers you may select the doctor of your choice. However, if your employer has posted a list of at least six health-care providers in the workplace and the employer accepts your claim, regulations require you to receive your initial treatment from a doctor on the list if you want workers’ compensation to cover the medical expenses.

You must receive treatment from an employer-posted doctor, or a combination of doctors from the list, for ninety days from the date of your first visit. If the doctor recommends invasive medical treatment, you are allowed to seek a second opinion with a surgeon of your choice at the expense of the employer or the insurer.

After ninety days, you may select a new doctor, one not included on the employer’s list.

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