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Is Pennsylvania Voter ID Valid?

Are voter ID laws aimed to disenfranchise people from exercising there right to vote or an effort to prevent voter fraud?

Is Pennsylvania’s newly enacted voter ID law an attempt to suppress the November election vote which statistically would harm Democratic voters?

The Harrisburg Patriot News is reporting today that the battle over the state’s controversial voter ID law now moves to the state Supreme Court. Yesterday, Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson rejected a suit to block the law, or delay enforcement of it. Simpson ruled that the law is constitutional because it applies to everyone. The Supreme Court will be mindful of the election cycle and “will rule in an expeditious manner,” said Art Heinz, a spokesman for the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts.

The state’s new voter ID law has garnered national attention and a raging debate. It was passed earlier this year and takes effect in the Nov. 6 general election.

Schmidt Kramer encourages everyone to vote in this November’s election. If you have any questions about the new voter ID law in Pennsylvania contact an injury lawyer at Schmidt Kramer and we will help you with finding out information to make sure you have the proper ID to vote.

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