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PA Man Appeals to Avoid Paying Mom’s $93000 Nursing Home Tab

Recently, the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that John Pitta, age 47, is liable for his mother’s nearly $93,000 nursing home bill from Liberty Nursing Rehabilitation Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

The ruling is based on a filial support law that says family members are required to care for and financially maintain certain indigent family members. Similar laws are in place in 28 other states.

Pitta’s mother was admitted to the nursing home in September 2007, after an automobile accident left her with two broken legs. She spent six months recovering at the nursing home. In 2008, she relocated to Greece where her two other children live.

She applied for Medicare to cover her rehabilitation expenses at the nursing home, but the application is still pending.

Health Care and Retirement Corporation of America, which owns Liberty Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, sued her son John Pitta for the money. In May 2008, a Pennsylvania trial court ruled in favor of the nursing home. Pitta appealed the ruling and, in May 2012, the Pennsylvania Superior court again ruled in favor of the nursing home.

The nursing home established that Pitta’s mother is indigent because her monthly income was not enough to make payments on her bill. As the only family member still living in the United States, the court ruled that Pitta is liable for the entire bill.

Pitta filed an appeal on May 21, 2012, that argues the court wrongly established that he had the ability to support his mother financially. They based the assertion on his annual income of $85,000, but did not consider his expenses.

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