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Pennsylvania Winter Slip and Fall Law

icy surfaceWinters in Pennsylvania can be harsh and usher in heavy amounts of ice, sleet and snow. Harrisburg residents are often left dealing with the storms’ aftereffects, such as dangerously slick sidewalks and roads.

As the accumulation of ice and snow on paved surfaces creates a higher risk for causing serious slip and fall injuries, property owners are expected to maintain their premises to prevent accidents.

However, due to the cold climate of Pennsylvania, lawmakers have found it unreasonable to expect property owners to immediately clear their walkways of ice and snow.

That is why the Pennsylvania legislature created the “Hills and Ridges Rule” to define the legal grounds of when a slip and fall claim is valid in regards to an icy surface.

The law states that a victim who was injured after falling on an icy surface can only file a claim against the property owner if he or she did not remove the ice in a reasonable amount of time.

Slip and fall liability exists for property owners when snow or ice that accumulated in hills and ridges were left unattended for a duration of time considered unreasonable and created unsafe conditions.

The “Hills and Ridges Rule” states that a victim who is injured after falling on a slippery surface must meet three conditions to file a claim:

  • The reason the victim was injured was due to an unreasonably large amount of snow or ice accumulation.
  • The property owner was aware of the dangerous buildup of ice and snow for a significant period of time and neglected to tend to it.
  • The snow and ice accumulated on the area of the fall in ridges or hills, creating a danger to pedestrians and obstructing travel.

Falling on an icy surface can cause severe injuries, such as head wounds, brain trauma and broken limbs. The Harrisburg slip and fall attorneys at Schmidt Kramer are experienced in helping victims of traumatic injuries recover compensation that can help pay for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Through a free consultation, we can help you determine if you have a case. We do not charge any legal fees unless you are awarded damages.

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