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Penn State Hazing Update – One Offender Denied ADR

WHP TV-21 in Harrisburg is reporting that the trial of a woman being charged with severe hazing at Penn State will go to court. Bianca Jeanty asked to be allowed into the accelerated rehabilitation program, but she was denied.

Schmidt Kramer Partner and Harrisburg personal injury lawyer Scott Cooper, who is representing the victim Asya Trowell, explained,

“There’s hazing and then there’s hazing,” He further elaborated. “There’s fun things where you go sing in the middle of campus or something. And then there’s beating people up which just isn’t acceptable.”

College student Asya Trowell says she was severely hazed. Earlier this year, the Penn State student was pledging Omega Psi Phi, which is not recognized by the University.

She says, over a two day period she was physically abused. Now, three people face charges of assault and battery. Bianca Jeanty, Felicia Ragsdale and former Harrisburg track star Hanif Johnson.

“The fact that she attempted to go to ARD in our eyes proved that they are accepting the fact, finally, they committed a crime and Asya was right and they hurt her and hazed her when they really should not have,” Cooper told WHP.

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