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Pennsylvania Car Accident On Interstate 81 Severely Injures State Trooper – 3 Charged

The Pottsville Republican Herald reports low-level summary charges have been filed against the driver whose SUV struck Sgt. Robert Bemis’ cruiser March 27 in Schuylkill County, the motorist he was helping.  The Pennsylvania car accident severely injured the state trooper as he helped the motorist after his car caught fire on Interstate 81 in eastern Pennsylvania.

SUV driver Jamie Edmonds of Norfolk, Virginia is charged with following too closely and driving at an unsafe speed. Motorist Victor Nolan is charged with exceeding towing capacity. His Kentucky car dealer is charged with having expired registration on the vehicle.

Police say Bemis and Nolan were standing near mile marker 121 when Edmonds lost control of her SUV and hit his unmarked cruiser.

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