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Pennsylvania Health Insurance Related Services During Coronavirus Outbreak

health insurance coverage during coronavirusMany Pennsylvania health insurers are unsure of how to properly manage and address the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the state with regard to providing those insured with accurate information on coverage.

However, there are certain steps that health insurers and other industry insurance representatives can do to continually assess their readiness and ability to make necessary adjustments during this critical time.

On March 21st, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department alongside the Department of Health released a bulletin to help individuals and entities address health insurance related services that may arise during the coronavirus outbreak.

The bulletin is urging health insurers providing coverage to Pennsylvania residents to take immediate measures to help combat the potential impact of COVID-19. This means making revisions as needed to streamline responses and benefits.

These measures also include providing those insured with the following:

  • Accurate information on available benefits, including medical treatments covered
  • Quick responses to inquiries related to coverage
  • Coverage of diagnostic testing for COVID-19 without prior authorizations 
  • Avoid balance billing and surprise balance bills
  • Access to out-of-network services if there are insufficient health providers within network
  • Arrange telehealth services and provide coverage of costs
  • Expedite access to prescription medications, including use of out-of-network pharmacies

Health insurers are also encouraged to review the latest Commonwealth information about COVID-19 released by the Department of Health at