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PA Dept. of Labor and Industry Announces WC Rates for 2015

Posted on Dec 09, 2014

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has announced the new maximum compensation rate for workers injured on the job in the year 2015.  This new maximum compensation rate will be $951.00 compared to $932.00 for injuries occurring in 2014.  This means that a worker injured in 2015, could collect $49,452.00 by collecting TTD indemnity benefits for an entire year.  A Claimant earning more than $1,426.50 per week (or roughly $74,000.00 per year) would be entitled entitled to the maximum comp rate if the worker is entitled to wage loss benefits.

Additionally, because $951.00 is the maximum compensation rate, $475.50 will be a very popular TTD rate in the year 2015.  An injured worker earning between $528.33 and $713.25 can expect to collect $475.50 weekly.  

Though these numbers are set, it is important to remember that the Average Weekly Wage is often incorrectly calculated.  It is important to review your wages with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to insure you are receiving every penny you deserve.  

For a view of past years’ compensation rates, see the attached link:

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