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New Year, New You, But Don’t Start off the Year with an Injury

A new year brings endless possibilities and great aspirations and goals.  Maybe your goal is to get back in shape; maybe your goal is to work harder and get a promotion; maybe your goal is to earn or save more money.  No matter what your goal might be, you need to take direct, planned steps to achieve it, but you don’t want to rush things which could have a negative affect on your health.  

Getting back in shape.

This is probably the most popular new year’s resolution.  Getting fitter and healthier is a great thing to strive for but one must be careful how they go about it.  Before you begin an advanced exercise routine, you should consult with a doctor to make sure you can handle it.  You should also look at ramping up to the level of exercise you want to achieve.  If you’ve been hibernating so far this winter, you cannot expect to be able to run a marathon.  You have to incrementally advance and make progress daily or weekly.  Building up your strength and fitness gradually will help reduce the likelihood of injuries and will likely lead to a more consistent feeling of progress.  Nothing will sideline your fitness goals and resolutions quicker than an injury.  

Working harder/working more

In many jobs, your pay rate or your position within a company is based upon production.  Warehouse jobs, staffing agency positions, distribution center employees, and sales people are often paid based upon how many products they move in a given hour, day, or week.  Maybe your goal is to move more pieces or to sell more widgets.  Maybe your goal is to pick up an extra shift here and there to demonstrate to your employer that you are a necessary team player.  Whatever you do and whatever your goals, it is important to pace yourself and not over-exert yourself while working.  Many work injuries occur when a Pennsylvania worker is trying to work too fast or trying to lift too much.  This is not to say it is the worker’s fault in most scenarios.  Often, the employer doesn’t train the worker with proper procedures, training specific to the type of machine the worker might be using, whether it be a saw or a forklift, or doesn’t instruct the worker in the proper lifting techniques.  

If a Pennsylvania worker focuses on the old adage of working smarter, not harder and focuses on lifting properly and stretching thoroughly before their shift begins, he or she may be able to eliminate some common workplace injuries  

No matter what steps you take, some injuries are unavoidable.  If you have suffered a work injury, or personal injury due to the negligence of another, contact Schmidt Kramer in Harrisburg today.