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MSF Issues Motorcycle Operator Manual In Spanish

Posted on Mar 18, 2015

With Spring comes more Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents.  Not only are these accidents in rural areas such as Sunbury, Lebanon, and Hershey but they are in urban areas such as Harrisburg, Reading, Lancaster, and even Philadelphia.

Hispanics comprise seven percent of American motorcyclists overall, and eleven percent of younger riders – those of Generations X and Y. As part of its long-standing policy of reaching out to riders of all backgrounds and ethnicities, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation has released a Spanish-language version of its Motorcycle Operator Manual.

MSF’s “MOM” is used by motor vehicle agencies in 41 states as a study guide for motorcycle license applicants, and has been a part of MSF’s inventory of reference materials on motorcycle operation for the past four decades. The MOM covers riding gear, basic rules-of-the-road, navigating intersections, crash-avoidance strategies, carrying passengers, impaired riding, and vehicle troubleshooting, plus supplemental information on the unique characteristics of three-wheeled motorcycles.

The Spanish version of the MOM, along with Spanish versions of other key MSF instructional materials, is available for free download from MSF’s online library here.

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