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Manheim Township Employer Did Not Maintain Workers’ Comp. Insurance

Dale Lamar Martin from Manheim Township is the corporate head of Conrad Enterprises in Cornwall, and he’s in quite a bit of trouble with the police after some shady business practices were uncovered. 

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Dan Whitman, an employee of 23 years, was injured in May 2011; his finger was cut off in a steel-punching machine. He tried to get his hospital bills paid through workers’ compensation, but he found out that Conrad Enterprises had dropped its coverage in 2009. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has charged Martin and two other men with failing to maintain workers’ compensation insurance for employees. 

Martin does acknowledge that it was his fault for letting the workers’ compensation insurance drop but blames it on all of the downsizing and cutbacks they had to make to make ends meet. 

In addition to the workers’ compensation issues, Whitman also discovered another problem when he was laid off in the fall of 2011. He went to apply for unemployment benefits and found out Martin had not been submitting his Social Security funds since 2009. That amount added up to $4,081 that had been taken from his paycheck and not distributed to Social Security correctly. Whitman reported that to the police after Martin refused to respond to his attempts to get in touch. Martin said he thought that someone at Conrad Enterprises had sent the money to Social Security.