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Legislative Alert – Tell Your State Senator: Support Yaw Amendment to SB 379

Posted on Jun 18, 2013

Tell Your State Senator:
Support Yaw Amendment to SB 379

June 18, 2013

The Pennsylvania Senate is scheduled to vote this week on how to handle the “Apology” issue.

If you have not done so already, please contact your state Senator today and ask that he or she vote “Yes” on the Yaw amendment to SB 379, and to vote “No” on any other amendments that may be offered. Who’s My Legislator?

SB 379 in its current version permits so-called “admissions” (of negligence) to enjoy the same protection as a mere statement such as “I’m sorry what happened to you” to include such things as “I had too many drinks before I operated on you,” which we believe should be admissible in evidence.

Why the Yaw amendment is important: Republican Senator Gene Yaw has proposed an amendment to SB 379 which copies Michigan’s “apology” statute verbatim. We strongly support the Yaw amendment, which specifically allows a benevolent gesture as inadmissible, but specifically does not include protection for admission of negligence. Healthcare providers in Michigan have publicly applauded the language we support, and the “Michigan Statute” is widely praised as a sensible solution.

Thank You.

Scott B. Cooper, Esq.
President, Pennsylvania Association for Justice



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